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Monday, 13 April 2015

BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - Love Rewritten Series by Jane Lynne Daniels

Be Careful What You Kiss For (Love Rewritten, Book 1)

When a psychic gives Tensley the chance to erase her biggest regret and replay her life with the one who got away, who would have thought a simple “do-over” could go so terribly wrong—and feel so right?


When Tensley Tanner-Starbrook gets the chance for one life “do-over” from a well-intentioned but bumbling psychic, she goes for it. But that change turns everything else upside down. Instead of a buttoned-up corporate executive, she’s now an entirely unbuttoned exotic dancer. And she’s face to…face with the one man she’s never been able to get over.


Detective Max Hunter has come a long way from high-school bad boy, and with everything on the line, nothing can stop him…except seeing his first love dancing in the club he’s been assigned to investigate. Torn between getting her far away from the place and needing her help as an insider, he knows only two things for sure: Tensley’s stirring feelings he thought long ago buried, and a relationship with her would be career suicide. Yet, maybe, just maybe, this was a love meant to overcome the past.

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From the 2015 RITA nominated Be Careful What You Kiss For:

One by one, her arms snaked along the stage, her ass in the air and hair falling around her shoulders as her nipples brushed the floor, sending waves of an I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this thrill through her. The man in the striped shirt gripped his drink and leaned forward. Tensley made straight for him, the tip of her tongue working a lazy, seductive journey around her mouth.

His face lit up in anticipation, which turned to raw desire as she reached the end of the stage and rose on her knees to stroke herself while watching him through her lashes. Then she beckoned him toward her with one crimson-tipped index finger. He stood as if in a trance, not seeming to notice as he tripped over a chair. He just kept going.

Come to Mama. This was so not Tensley Tanner-Starbrook. But who had to know that? No one.

For a few minutes of her life, she could be someone else. Have a little fun. Ride on up to the orgasm bar and mix her own, instead of hoping someone like Bryan, who got points for congeniality, but couldn’t rock her world if his cock was twice its size…would do it for her.

Head back, she thrust both arms in the air and her crotch toward the mesmerized man. Hell, yes. Shewas Delightful, thank you very much.

His hand snaked forward.

The voice of another man sliced through it all to jolt her brain, if not the body performing independent of her brain, to a screeching halt. “Back up, buddy,” he said, loud enough to be heard over the music. “No touching her.”

With a gulp, her arms still triumphantly in the air, she shifted an uncertain gaze to the chair, cloaked in shadows, where that voice had come from.

It couldn’t be.

Razor-sharp memories pushed forward in her mind. The warm white bath of moonlight. A summer breeze washing over their damp, naked teenage bodies. The smell of newly mown fields. The lump in her throat before she worked up the courage to whisper, “I love you.”

Nooooo. She had to stop dancing. Had to end the dizzying swirl of confusion that had caused her to think—

Shadow man got to his feet and her eyes shot straight to his tall, dark silhouette. His fingers flashed into the light as he lifted a drink to her. “Lookin’ good.”


With every bit of physical strength she could find, Tensley grabbed the finger still motioning the man in the striped shirt forward. She pulled both hands down and to her sides. Her tongue tried to poke forward to lick her lips again, so she sank her teeth into it, hard, and let out a screech. She tasted blood.

Her body wasn’t giving up that easily, though. Before she knew it, she was back on her feet, gyrating and grinding, moving as though her two hands weren’t engaged in a go–stop–go battle. Every time her hip shot to one side, she stomped her foot, in the vain hope that would stop it. Something halfway between a purr and a growl came out of her mouth as she concentrated on jamming both hands on her waist. And keeping them there.

Again with the hip thrusting. Again with the stomping.

The striped-shirt man backed up, his expression baffled. Possibly because he’d never seen a step-dance striptease before.

Her hips continued on and then her leg joined in, kicking high as the music hit a crescendo, undeterred by the fight she was having with herself. It wasn’t until she ended up doing a vertical split of sorts, legs on the pole, fists still glued to her waist, that the music finally stopped and she regained control of her body.

Tensley eased her extended leg down and off the pole, inch by inch, and stood in the middle of the stage. After a minute or two of stunned silence, the crowd responded with polite applause and a few cat calls.

If he’s here, really here, I don’t want to know. I don’t. The man in the striped shirt approached to drop a twenty on the stage. Tensley peered past him into the darkness, trying to get a better look at the man she didn’t want to see.

The audience seemed to be waiting for her to do something. Tensley put one foot behind the other and bobbed a curtsy straight out of Miss Jodi’s tap dance class. Miss Jodi had always said a lady should never leave a performance without a curtsy.

She wondered, though, if Miss Jodi had meant every kind of performance.

Footsteps again clattered across the stage and the woman who had threatened to evict her earlier grabbed the mike to demand, “Now, are y’all ready for Terrible Tawny, the Tahitian Temptress?”

The audience sounded its approval and the woman spread her arms wide, the sleeves of her sparkling costume nearly knocking Tensley off the stage. She stumbled backward, but caught herself. New music blared and Terrible Tawny began to move her hips from side to side in time to the beat. Then she backed up, one long-limbed step at a time, until she reached the spot where Tensley stood.

Another sharp gyration and Tawny pulled off part of her costume with a flourish. When it landed on Tensley’s head, the crowd responded with hoots. Tensley reached up, yanked it to the floor and then tucked her hands under her arms, pulling them in tight as she shuffled backward out of the spotlight.Get me out of this place.

She hesitated at the top of the stairs, struggling to get her bearings. She had to call the police. Report this. And say—what? All she could remember was the flash above Madame Claire’s head. And the words she’d said. A do-over. The psychic had said it was possible.

What if the idea for revenge that Tensley had tossed off had actually happened? If she’d punched Rhonda Reardon. What if—this strip joint was now her life?

A wave of nausea turned her knees to Jell-O. She grabbed the metal handrail for support as she half-teetered, half-fell down the few stairs, then sat at the bottom and closed her eyes.

It couldn’t be true. She wouldn’t let it be true. She’d click her heels together three times, like Dorothy, and…

Then she heard his voice, inches away, rocketing straight through the music. “Been a long time.”

Her stomach did a double backflip. She remained perfectly still.

Warm breath ruffled the hair over her ear, caressing her skin. “I want a private dance.”

Tensley opened her eyes and turned to the one man she’d never been able to get out of her system, even though he’d shattered her heart so badly, it had never properly healed. Virtual gymnasts began spinning, twirling, leaping, falling off a balance beam in her stomach, until she had to press a fist tight to her middle to make them stop.




K*ss Happens (Love Rewritten, Book 2)

Emma Zane has one magical chance to erase the past and reclaim her soulmate lover and her dreams of a successful songwriting career, but as the song says, it ain’t gonna be easy.

What if you could have one “do-over” in life? Emma Zane, who lost her lover and soulmate, Chase Chapman, and her passion for songwriting when she couldn’t find the courage to go to Nashville, is about to find out.

But a do-over, even a magic one, isn’t that easy. Emma’s abruptly thrust into a new life as an award-winning songwriter, only to find out she’s double-crossed Chase, stomped on others with her custom-made boots, and is engaged to a rising country star who has Emma locked into an ironclad contract. Now the woman who once pushed aside her dreams and the man she loves have to navigate a new world to reclaim both—without racking up more regrets than the one she started with. As the song says, it ain’t gonna be easy.



Starts With a Kiss (Love Rewritten, Book 3)

With the help of a seemingly innocent spell, Anya Ramsay is about to completely change the direction of her life—and it’ll be a wilder ride than she ever expected.


Everything will finally be better. In college Anya Ramsay made the worst mistake of her life, but a gypsy spell now offers the chance to have done everything different. To have done everything right. The college car accident that disfigured her face and paralyzed basketball star Ryder Brandt, the man she’s always loved? It’ll have never happened. But nothing is ever so easy, just as some things—like Ryder’s kiss—can never be forgotten. To rectify all, Anya has to come to terms with who she is and what she’s done. Rewriting this mistake will be a ride wilder than the original, but at the end of the trip is a happy ending—and a life with the perfect man for her past, present and future.



Independent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!

* Disclaimer * - I received these books from Book Plug Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.

Be Careful What You Kiss For

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Tensley Tanner-Starbrook is living a great life. She has the perfect corporate job, an incredible condo, and a beautiful new car. However, there is one thing in life that she would like a do-over for: Max Hunter. She visits a Psychic and is given the chance to take back a single regret in her life by getting a “do-over”.  Unfortunately, without thinking, Tensley says the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the painful memory of Max: punching Rhonda the skank. A whirlwind of life changing events have happened since visiting the psychic, including a felony, jail time, and becoming a stripper. Can she pick up the pieces of what is left in life and salvage her relationships? Which relationships are worth salvaging? Can she open her heart to Max?

Max Hunter was THE bad boy in school that every single girl wanted. He had other things in mind for Tensley then staying in town and putting off college but he didn’t expect the hurt that was going to come with those plans or the lifelong pain and suffering he would experience.  Needing to do something with his life, he studied and worked hard to become a police officer then investigator. He has his eye on Gary’s Gorgeous Grecian’s as he has a gut feeling that Gary has his hands in some illegal business dealings . He needs someone on the inside to help him get the intel but he never thought Tensley would be the one to help him. Would he be able to work with her as a CI without getting involved? Could he give up this one chance to get Tensely to forgive him and get to know him again for his job? Could he do both?

I absolutely adored this story. It was fun, flirty, sexy, and suspenseful. Max and Tensely are a couple that have the chemistry to make you feel like you could insert yourself in their story. The storyline kept me reading, and wanting more; action, suspense, and romance and it definitely delivered. There is an interesting twist at the end that will make reading the second book in the series fun and interesting. I can’t wait to see exactly what Max and Tensley are up to. What about Tensley’s mom? Will she want to rekindle her relationship with her daughter? What happens to Kate? 

I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a fun read. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all. Once you’re done with this book, pick up the second in the series!

K*ss Hap pens (Love Rewritten Book 2)

4 out of 5 (very good)

Zane, a successful song writer, music teacher, friend and lover. Unfortunately, she is on the losing end of each one of those things at one point or another. She visits Madame Claire, the psychic, upon request of a friend, to try to make her life better and to wipe out her deepest regret, Chase.  He is in her thoughts when she is awake and in her dreams asleep. She can’t get past the song they cowrote or how she handled things concerning the song. Weren’t they meant to be together? Wasn’t he the one that was her everything, her pleasure, her happiness, her excitement, and her pain? Currently it seemed all he was bringing her was pain. Would Madame Claire be able to allow her to get past that and forget, or would her magic mess up again?

Chase is a music writing genius to everyone but the two people who really matter, himself and Emma. He has lived everyday with regret that Emma didn’t think his writing was good enough to provide a living for them. He has held anger and disappointment in everyday since Emma left him to write with Jason Jeffries, but did she really? Could Chase have misread the situation and could Emma still love him? Chase would have to swallow some pride and open his heart and ears to listen to what Emma has to say and trust her. When Chase is given the chance of a lifetime to rekindle things with Emma, can he look past their history and open his heart? 

I loved the story line in this book. Emma and Chase have a fun relationship. They are flirty, feisty, fun, romantic, and loving. They both have demons in their hearts that are preventing them from loving and feeling. I thought it was fun how Madame Claire was a little more involved with her “customer” this time. The angst in this story had my hear aching for both characters at different points. The story line felt realistic to me, not including the magic of course, and kept me wanting to read.

The reason this book gets a 4 star rating is I was really hoping that this story would be a continuation to Tensley’s story in book one. This book felt like the first book with the general idea, just different characters, and a different story. I felt the concept was the same. This didn’t keep me from enjoying the book nor will it keep me from recommending it to you, fellow reader! I think you will enjoy the book

Starts with a Kiss (Love Rewritten Book 3)

5 out of 5 (exceptional)

Anya has gone through the ringer on life and she is desperate to be happy again, truly happy. She was in a horrific accident in her college days and lost the love of her life. She tried to move on and tried to keep busy with work and modeling but Ryder never disappeared. How could she forgive herself for causing the accident that took every dream Ryder had away from him? He wanted nothing to do with her and that broke her completely. Would it be possible to have a do-over in life to get her happily ever after? Would Madame Claire get the spell right this time so the accident never happened? Could Anya open up her heart to heal from the accident to make room for love?

Ryder had his life planned out, college ball then the NBA. According to the coaches he had what it took to make it all the way. That was until one day he drank too much, flirted too much, and got into the car with Anya when she was way too upset. The outcome had cost him his future as playing basketball. Ryder couldn't get past the anger for a long time towards Anya. How could she do that to him? He knew there was no way for them to continue their relationship so he had to just shut her out. Could he make room in his heart for future love?  Could he look past his obstacles for happiness? Did he want to see if there was a future for himself and Anya after years of thinking of her daily?

I could not put this book down. In fact, I read it in one day. Although the story concept is the same as the first two books, the story line grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Throughout the entire story I felt such extreme emotion from these characters, it nearly jumped out of the pages. Ryder and Anya are both loving, stubborn, funny, smart, and very judgmental of themselves. I loved Annie and the conversations she was able to get flowing. Sometimes things are easier said when behind a wall of mystery.  I had to know how their story played out. There was a few times I was pretty frustrated and angry, very similar to Anya, and I thought how great it was the Author was able to sync our emotions. This was a perfect story and so much fun to read.

I do hope this is the final piece to this series but look forward to checking out the authors future works, for sure!!


Jane Lynne Daniels grew up a city girl, only to meet the love of her life at the annual Volunteer Fireman’s Ball in tiny Grass Valley, Oregon. She and her husband and dogs recently moved from the Pacific Northwest to Ohio, where they miss the rain and ocean, but love the change in seasons. Jane is doing her best to adopt a Midwest accent, but since people look at her funny when she tries, it probably isn’t working.


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