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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

BLOG TOUR & #GIVEAWAY - Mystical Royal Love: Paranormal Romance Anthology

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Mystical Royal Love:

Paranormal Romance Anthology

Mystical Royal Love

Thor’s Royal Love By P.T. Macias
Thor returns home to lots of surprises. His Royal Love, Princess Ashley, is asking his help to escape Archaica.

Princess Ashley wants to break the constraints that keep her from her mate's love. She exchanges her help for a chance to escape, and win his love.

PRINCE OF VEZUL: TALLEN Royalty of Vezul Series, Volume 1 by C.A. Tibbitts
Tallen, which happens to be a prince from the planet Vezul, comes to Earth seeking a woman to become his princess. He lands just outside Las Vegas, where he spies a buxom beauty named Cari. He comes to her aid when a casino patron gets a little too grabby with Cari, whom he has already decided will be his princess.

Will an interspecies relationship actually work, and does love truly conquer all?

A Witch's Hearts Desire By Darlene Kuncytes
Serena St. James was a witch who was completely content with the life that she had carved out for herself. She never expected fate to rear its ugly head and knock her right off of her feet! When the utterly delectable Dante Marx saves her from being run down as she walks home from her shop one evening - her life will change forever.

Can these two fight the attraction that snaps and crackles between them long enough to focus on the task set before them? Can they survive the evil that doesn't want it to be found?

The Dragon's Demon By Jami Brumfield
"Being a princess is a pretty amazing job, that is, unless you’re a princess of the Underworld. Alleyah “Lee” Jenkins is the daughter of Hades and a human woman, Joanna. Her birth left her an orphan in the human realm. When she hit adolescence, she came into her succubus powers and learned the truth of her birthright. She was destined to marry a demon prince and together they would rule the thirteenth level of the underworld. She had different plans.

Guarded Hearts, (The Royal Guard) by: Bryce Evans
Lilly Laurent has a dream to become the first woman of the Royal Guard. She has read the rules and practiced for years. Unfortunately, the Prince of Wolves has other plans for Lilly and being a member of his guard isn't one of them.

Prince William Asher, AKA "Knox" can't say or do anything right around Lilly. He has one final shot to win her love and get her back so she can accomplish her dream. Can the two of them agree and have a future together or will others destroy what the fates have brought together.

Among Mortals Series By Moira Keith
War broke out among the Norse gods unlike any they'd ever seen before. With their future in jeopardy, the Norns took the youngest from each bloodline and hid them among the world of Midgard. War raged on, slowly destroying each of the Nine Worlds, and the descendants of the gods are in trouble. Can they be found and returned to their homes before it's too late and the Nine Worlds collapse?

Purple Sage The Wedding Joann H. Buchanan
A fairy kingdom divided between the Light Fairies and the Dark Fairies. The Oracle predicted a long time ago that the two kingdoms would unite. So to keep the peace both kings decided to form an alliance by having their two heirs marry. Princess Sage wants nothing to do with a wedding so she runs away and meets a Light fairy who makes her heart swoon. After speaking to this unknown man, she decides to head back and fulfill her duty. Will she find love waiting for her at the end of the aisle or will Sage be cursed to spend the rest of her life without true love?

by Julia Mills
From pauper to princess to prisoner in forty-eight hours is a lot for anyone to handle but she’s Phoebe O’Byrne, dammit! 

Phoebe thought her life had finally gotten easier, that she’d found her purpose. All she wanted to do was celebrate passing the BAR…then Grant Hollingsworth strolled into her life.

Now up is down, in is out and people think they can turn into birds! Stop the world Phoebe wants off!

Princess Cilia’s Brilliant Stallion; By Marissa Storm
The Princess obsessed with her horse, But can Prince Phillip, win her heart and hand?

Heart of the Shadows Billie Jo Hanlin
On a routine goodwill mission to a neighboring planet, Princess Perinessa Amaletta's ship is boarded by pirates. In a vicious plot to get even with her brother, she is kidnapped and everyone on board is killed. Using only her wits, she escapes once they reach the space station, Fargone. While in hiding, she falls asleep, only to awaken far from Fargone on a ship owned by a man most considered cold and ruthless--a man her brother has tried to take down for years. Has she gone from one bad situation to another?

“Fuck.” I chuckled. “You do ask for it.”
Her gaze fixed on my blade.
“Shiny?” With my palm jammed between her breasts, I showed her the slicing edge. “This is going next to your skin. Obey me. Don’t move.”
That brought me a whimper. My cock twitched.
The T-shirt was already cut down the middle of the back and the shoulders, so I pulled that out from under her, baring her cute white bra.
When I shifted my palm and settled it over her pussy, her face flinched into some new expression then back into such a quiet, almost stony, facade that I wondered. Her breathing had gone from panting, to stillness, then to a measured, deeper pace. Turned on?
By my hand?
I ground the heel of it onto her with increasing pressure, observing my obstinate captive.
Edge up, though she couldn’t see that, the knife meandered its fearful course, curling past the whorl of her belly button, over her quivering stomach, to slide light as the roll of a blood drop to the drawstring waist of her shorts. Wriggling it let the tip insinuate between cloth and skin and severed the first threads.
I eyed her, dubious. All her body signals made me think of tension, of a coiled-up energy, waiting and ready to erupt.
Maybe it was the current lack of breathing.
Maybe it was that she’d stopped talking or blinking.
I had her utter attention.
Arousal, or fear?
I swiveled my palm. Where my fingers splayed between her thighs, I felt her muscles move. Perhaps undulate was the better word to use.
I still wasn’t certain. The knife carved through the cloth of her shorts like a shark through water. She’d know the sharp edge couldn’t be against her skin. Yet she’d levered her head off the bed and was staring. Her lips seemed fuller, her eyes dark.
What secrets lurked in her mind?
The material fell from my blade, revealing her white underwear. I continued, cutting, shifting my hand from her mound to fasten down her thigh. When I reached the apex of her thighs, I turned the knife so it stood on end, the tip poised above the soft swell of her mons. If it fell, the blade would split her, intimately. My attention divided between the flutter of her eyelashes and what my hand was doing, I lowered the tip, until the business end kissed her panties.
She sucked in a breath then shuddered the next ones. Lovely. I waited, only stroking her thigh with my fingers. Just to see. Just to watch. Around her jaw, muscles clenched.
With my big, nasty weapon, I pressed down on her to caress where her clit should be, certain I could see the engorged bump pushing upward as if to greet the knife. A few threads frayed but cloth remained between the honed metal and her mons.
Her thigh strained beneath my hand.

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