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Thursday, 26 March 2015

SALE FOR ONE WEEK ONLY! Claiming Addison, Zoey Derrick. (includes review by Debbie)

Starting Today - 3/26/2015 and going until 4/3/2015 - Best Selling - Top Rated - Claiming Addison: 69 Bottles #1 is ON SALE for only 99 Pennies!! 

For one week only - Claiming Addison is being reduced to just $0.99 in anticipation of the Trilogy's Conclusion coming March 31st and I am seeking your help in spreading the word about the sale. 

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Zoey Derrick
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Chasing Love’s Wings - Love’s Wings #2 - coming May 27th, 2014
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.

Addison lands a job as PR for 69 Bottles, and up and coming rock band. She will be on tour with them for 12 weeks. 12 weeks with four sex gods and their manager. She isn't sure she will make it out alive, especially when she comes into contact with Talon, the lead singer, and Kyle, their manager.

When I started reading this book, my first and initial thought was "pfft! first person, present tense, single POV" 3 of my least favourtie. BUT then Talon had a say, and Kyle too and while its still in the first person, present tense, this book is a prime example of my forgetting that. It grew on me, crept up on me and somewhere along the way, grabbed me and wouldn't let me go.

I loved the way it all slow burned, and the situation between Talon and Kyle wasn't immediately clear. I loved that, while Talon and Kyle had 3 way-ed before, neither of them had touched each other. Not before Addison. It's almost as if she was the binding agent needed for the three of them to get together.

I loved the openess between Talon and Kyle, well, between them all. They went into this knowing they each had problems, issues and history that could and probably would affect them all along their journey.

There is a second book, Craving Talon, and I hope I get to read it soon. The story between these three is by no means finished,and I really need to see them to the end. This isn't a cliff hanger, it's mopre of a wait-a-bit-longer sort of ending.

4.5 stars. While I forgot its in the first person, present tense, I didn't forget that it flips between the three. AND we get so much more of Addison than the boys. Maybe Craving Talon will have more of them :-)

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