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Saturday, 7 February 2015

BOOK BLITZ & #GIVEAWAY - Rynlee's Song by Eliza Marie Jones

Rynlee's Song (Daughter of Time, #1)by Eliza Marie Jones 

Release Date: 02/2015

Summary from Goodreads:

Rynlee Nalis is a demon hunter. She is a Purator, belonging to an organization who slay demons to serve their King. Even though she’s a candidate to succeed the High Purator, eighteen-year-old Rynlee doesn’t want the responsibility.

Her entire world is turned upside down when Jeynen shows up at the temple that is her school and home. She thought he died five years ago.

And he has no idea who she is.

When an assassin comes for Jeynen and he manages to flee for his life, Rynlee rushes after him. As she tries to discover the truth about him, she stumbles onto an ancient prophecy and challenges those who want to destroy the balance of magic.

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Only a faint echo of boots on stone warned Sariel of the approaching guards. He climbed down too quickly, ignoring the pain in his leg as he fell most of the way down. He was lying on his back as before when they opened his cell door. Sariel slowly turned his head to look up, his heart secretly pounding, the only thing that would give away he hadn’t just been lying on the ground all day.
Three guards entered in with a smaller, slumped form hidden beneath a uniform gray prison cloak. Sariel got to his feet then, curious whom the poor soul was they’d brought in. From his size, Sariel thought the prisoner must be just a boy. Whoever it was couldn’t be tall enough to be older than eight or ten years old. The guards said nothing as they pulled the mysterious figure into the cell by chains around his neck and wrists. Sariel noticed the chains were made of solid gold.
He realized with deep sadness how silent the prisoner was. Had he been through so much that he’d lost the desire or ability to speak up at all? Sariel watched as the guards dragged the boy into the middle of the cell, directly in front of Sariel.
“Hold out your left arm.” The guard ordered. Sariel hesitated, unsure whom the guard was talking to. The guard reached out and took a hold of Sariel’s arm, holding it out to the other prisoner. The cloak still hid his face.

Without any order from the guards, the prisoner pulled back the cloak hood and looked up at Sariel with one piercing eye. The left eye bore scars across the sealed eyelid, and the other was a brilliant orange color except for the white of the eye. There was no pupil. The facial features and long, white-blond hair made Sariel realize the prisoner was a girl.

About the Author

This is the website of author Eliza Marie Jones. I’m a writer, gardener, nail polish junkie, and artist. I live with my husband in Alberta, Canada. I took website programming and graphic design in college, which comes in very handy doing all the non-writing parts of being an author.

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