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Thursday, 12 February 2015

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - Secrets of Whitestone Manor by Brittany Jo James

Author: Brittany Jo James
Series: The Winters Family Series, Book #1
Genre: Young Adult Romance | Paranormal Romance

Some secrets are too dark to ever be brought into the light. 

At least mine are.

My name is Orson Winters, and you already know too much for me to let you walk away.

A decade has passed since my parents were killed, forcing my younger siblings and me to move in with our estranged uncle. Whitestone Manor in all its grandeur was overwhelming enough. Then, we learned the family secret. 

There’s darkness in the world no one, besides a handful of fighting families, even knows exists. The Winters family is the most acclaimed of them all. However, power isn’t always pleasurable, especially considering that it’s my responsibility to keep my reckless brothers and sister from jeopardizing us all.

When an old enemy emerges from the shadows, Uncle Sebastian calls in another fighting family to assist. I didn’t need their help. I could independently protect my siblings and the rest of the world from danger. That was, until I met Lilith Shaw. Now I’m not even sure that I can protect myself.

I can’t focus on that, though. 

I’m the last one standing between you and those who wait in the darkness.

If you can keep a secret, I’ll tell you my story.

4 out of 5 (very good)

I received this book from HEA Book Tours, PR & More in return for a fair and honest review.

I've actually had trouble deciding on a star rating for this book. There are parts of it that are definitely worth a 4 and then others where I was wavering towards a 3. I've gone with 4 because, overall, this book held my attention and kept me turning the pages.

The story starts with a happy family who are enjoying life. They have a visit from someone who calls himself Uncle Sebastian which confuses the children because their parents say he is just an old friend. Not much time passes before tragedy strikes and both parents are killed. The children are packed up sent off to Uncle Sebastian who tells them that their whole way of life has to change. Fast forward 10 years and then the story really starts.

The book is well written with a fast paced plot that will keep you turning the pages. I think the issues I had were more of a personal level which is why I have given this 4 stars instead of 3 but I just didn't like Orson that much and got whiplash from the amount of times that he and Lilith were together, no they're not, yes they are. Plus there's a massive dollop of insta-love on there which just didn't seem to fit considering their first meeting (which was absolutely brilliant! I had high hopes!).



Brittany Jo James 

Brittany Jo James was born and raised in the small town of Idabel, Oklahoma. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Conlee, who is currently serving as an airman in the United States Air Force. They share two rowdy sons, Jagger and Jett. Her life revolves around living for God, caring for her family and writing, writing, writing. The James family is currently residing near Anchorage, Alaska until the USAF decides otherwise.

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