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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Ramblings of a Reader ~debbie~

Jan 2015.

So. Here we are. The first few days of a new year, with new challenges ahead, now resolutions and new reading opportunites.

I have found a new reader challenge, I'll post the list at the end, you can join in if you like. Me and my sister are doing it, and a few friends have joined in too. There are 50 books that need to be read, and I have stated 2 rules. You cannot use a book in n=more than one category, and you cannot use a book you have already read.

After studying my languishing-on-kindle shelf, my real book shlef and my sister's, I reckon, I can probably copmplete the list without buying a book. Maybe one or two I can't fill, but thats all. The one in your home town, might be a struggle, but HEY, maybe a read-for-review will come through to the blog that was based in Nottingham :-)

I also set myself a target of 300 books to be READ. That doesnt include audio's and books I DNF, which Goodreads automatically includes to you total.

Did you set a goal?? Doesnt have to be many, just something to aspire to.

I usually read on my kindle. Its my most prized possession, after my girlies (I know they arent possessions, but they are MINE!) and my sewing machine, but the machine and kindle are a close run thing! I read everywhere, at home, in bed, in the bath. At the doctors or hospital, even at work in my lunch break, its that only thing that keeps me sane some days!  I recently discovered that LISTENING in the bath doesnt quite work though. Very nearly drowned my iPod!

I have no prefereed genre, I will try anything once, maybe twice. BUT I cannot do zombies, nah huh. They just dont do anything for me. I do have an aversion to Young Adult too, although I may well be getting over that one. I had some 5 star YA reads last year, so maybe I'll keep at it. but zombies?? nope.

As the title suggests, these are ramblings, and will follow no pattern. When the mood strikes, you'll get it, but you may get a lot in a short space of time, or not a one for w hile. I'll try to post at least once a month.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, and I'll answer in my next ramble.

Much love, ~debbie~

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  1. Good rambling there my lovely. I don't put down books on Goodreads that I didn't finish as it was annoying me that they got counted lol :)

    I will enjoy seeing your progress!