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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

BOOK TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Lights Out by Melissa Groeling

LIGHTS OUT by Melissa Groeling

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Page Count: 388


Even when the lights are out, he can still see you…

Paul Holten’s profession doesn’t leave much room for doubt or conscience but he’s reaching his breaking point. The nightmares are getting worse, the jobs are getting harder to finish and the volatile relationship with his boss, Aaron, is falling apart. Now faced with the possibility of an impending death sentence, Paul makes the fatal decision to run. Drawn into one hellish situation after another, he’s forced to confront his dark past---and wonder if perhaps dying isn’t the better option.


Paul jerked awake, blinded by darkness, scrambling upward, his legs shooting out only to be brought up short as his head slammed into something. Groaning, he collapsed back, his heart hammering in his chest. He blinked. Darkness persisted before his eyes. He bought his hands up to his face with a dry moan, feeling the duct tape around his wrists tighten and pull against the delicate skin. His head throbbed and his cold fingers felt for blood. When he found none, he let his hands fall and he lay still for a moment.

The sound of his breathing was erratic and it took him a minute to realize that he wasn’t even attempting to calm himself down. And why the hell should he? Why should he even fucking bother when all he kept seeing was the empty motel bed through the steam as he’d opened the bathroom door? The small Ethan-shaped imprint on the blankets and then the all-encompassing hysteria, something he hadn’t felt since he saw Melanie disappear into that van all those years ago, and he knew then that he would never see her again and, acknowledging it, that it was a possibility that it could happen to him twice in one lifetime had Paul nearly swallowing his tongue in panic. The cold had stung his skin, still damp from the shower as he rushed outside, his breath streaking in front of him as he shouted Ethan’s name like the fucking curse and cure that it was.

About the Author

Melissa Groeling graduated from Bloomsburg University with a degree in English. She lives, reads and writes in the Philadelphia region and wherever else life happens to send her. She is a hardcore New York Giants fan and loves chocolate. Lights Out is her second novel to date.

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