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Friday, 16 January 2015

BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Disturbingly Beautiful by J & L Wells

Book & Author details:

Disturbingly Beautiful by J & L Wells 
(A Paradox in Time #1)
Publication date: November 13th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Time-Travel


Could it really be possible that somewhere in time, the perfect paradox could be created? Does romance really stand a chance, could it ever flourish when cast between so many intricacies and broken lives? How could one person, Nell, a nineteenth century governess unknowingly cause so much devastation?

As Nell’s world opens up, we follow her on her complex journey, where she discovers love, loss and betrayal, and becomes forced to play a dangerous game from which there appears no escape.

An intricate family plot slowly begins to unravel in which she finds herself centre stage. She was never supposed to leave Haunchcroft estate … and he will do everything in his power to keep her there…
Could a possible rip in time be the salvation that Nell seeks?

“I find you disturbingly beautiful,” are the contradictory words bestowed upon the governess by her master.

Mr Buchannan’s infatuation is a shadow from which Nell cannot escape. The feelings he holds for her are not reciprocated, and though his lust soon turns to love, Nell’s feelings towards him turn to hatred. Dreams and a love of literature are Nell’s only escapism from the downtrodden life she leads as a governess in the nineteenth century.

One night, an intruder on the estate catches Nell off guard, but she gives chase; a decision that leads her through an opening in time between the centuries, where she finds equality, true friendship and a completely different outlook on life.

Despite using this to her advantage to escape the advances of her unwanted suitor, she is somewhat perturbed when she unexpectedly finds him at her side in the twenty-first century. Will love conquer all, or will time always stand in their way?



Nell’s questioning was quickly put on hold as Lawrence staggered into the orangery rather flamboyantly, holding a mistletoe ball ornamented with a rich red ribbon. This was something that Nell had only seen fleetingly, and presumed it to be a dying trend.

“Rather early for Christmastide celebrations, I know,” he chuckled, “but how could I resist, with two such beauties in my midst? And I intend on kissing you both,” he slurred.

Nell’s eyes widened as she watched the inebriated Viscount overemphasise his words in his attempt to string a sentence together.

“Oh, Lord Wick St Lawrence.” Blushing, Ariana clasped her hands together.

Nell could see the drink had worked a charm. She surmised that he was certainly not the sort of gentleman to go readily unnoticed, with his ostentatious frilled clothing and long tailcoat as overstated and unattractive as his brash personality and drunken banter.

“Now, Miss Ariana Dodsworth.”

He raised his forefinger and beckoned her towards him.

“I do not take kindly to being kept waiting.”

Nell’s stomach churned as she listened open-mouthed to the same words Mr Buchannan had expressed to her. Had her love spoken with sincerity, or was this no more than a rehearsed family ploy, an underhanded line the brothers used to woo a lady? She could not help but wonder.

She sat watching Ariana, almost in slow motion. Her sister’s face was filled with an abundance of innocent smiles, her eyes alight as she approached Lawrence, her tiny figure standing in wait.

“Ariana, do not…”

Nell’s words trailed away as Lawrence raised his hand, seemingly his way of silencing her.

“Beautiful,” Nell heard him whisper, and she watched as he playfully fingered Ariana’s loose curls.

With his free hand he held the mistletoe ball above his head, bending slightly to accommodate for her height. Nell could sense her sister’s embarrassment when she took a slight step back, and Lawrence’s hazel eyes were locked on hers. Nell watched as the Viscount raised his finger to his cheek. Ariana giggled, her lips pursed in readiness, and standing up on the tips of her toes she leant towards his flushed cheek. A quick flick of the Viscount’s head towards her, and within that second their lips were as one. Nell watched her sister stumble back.

“Oh my, my very first kiss,” she spluttered loudly as Lawrence plucked a berry from within the tight ball of mistletoe.

Ariana could not seem to settle herself. Nell could see the excitement oozing from her as she gathered up the hem of her dress and, in quite a juvenile manner, ran from the room, leaving Nell and Lawrence alone.



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Closing date for the Giveaway is 7th February and the winner will be announced same day.

The prize will be sent out after 9th February.


Laura Wells is a swimming teacher, with a love of books, animals and, of course, Jane Austen. Once a national swimmer, she now runs three swim schools of her own. She enjoys spending her spare time with her family and two mad Shiba Inus. She lives in Staffordshire, England.

Judy Wells works at a school; in her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and novels, and spending time with her animals. She also lives in Staffordshire, England.

Laura and Judy are a mother and daughter duo; with Judy’s love of poetry and writing and Laura’s ideas, they work extremely well together. Time-travel and historical romance novels are their passion, and they hope that after you have read their books, you will feel the same.

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