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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Taking A Chance by Kacey Hamford

Title: Taking A Chance
Genre: Romance
Author: Kacey Hamford


Rose has spent her whole life living in her sister’s shadow; boys have always preferred her sister Amelia. Amelia has always achieved the best grades, the boys would flock to her and good luck seem to just follow her around.

When Rose meets Jacob, she feels as though her luck is starting to change. He is everything she could wish for and more; he is not only gorgeous and clever, but he wants her, not her sister.

Jacob and Rose begin dating, but the course of true love never runs smooth and it’s not long before Jacob is hiding things from Rose. Will his secrets destroy their relationship, or will he finally open up to Rose? Or will Amelia destroy them before he has the chance?

Join Rose and Jacob on their rollercoaster journey.

When the highs are so good, does it make it worth enduring the lows?

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4 out of 5 (liked it)

I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.

This is the story of Rose and Jacob. Rose is the younger (by a year) sister of Amelia and has always been in her shadow, even though Amelia's actions are dubious at best. Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, their parents see no wrong in Amelia but continue to come down hard on Rose.

Rose catches the eye of Jacob and spends some (innocent) time with him before she finds out that her sister has been after him for a while. She steps back but it is Jacob who won't back away. It is Rose he wants, not Amelia, and he won't take no for an answer. This is partly why it comes as such a shock when Jacob suddenly disappears and won't tell Rose where he's been. It turns out that Jacob has actually kept two major secrets from Rose and that is enough to make her walk away.

There are highs and lows aplenty in this book and you will be drawn into the drama from page one. Some of Rose's reactions, to be honest, I couldn't understand. Once the truth comes out, I don't think I would have been as forgiving or understanding as she was but that's just me.

Contemporary Romance with plenty of action and drama. Really enjoyed it.

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Fun Facts

1.       I live in Cornwall, UK.
2.       I live with my partner and 2 cats, Bailey and Bertie.
3.       I have 1 brother who lives in Florida, USA.
4.       I work full time as a dog groomer.
5.       I love to read mainly romance books.
6.       I have been a published author for 8 months.
7.       I have written 5 books.
8.       I am a vegetarian who hates vegetables.
9.       I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do I love shows like – Big Bang Theory, Friends, Vampire Diaries and Hollyoaks.
10.   I am going to ‘The Book Affair’ in London next year and can’t wait to meet some of my favourite authors.

Author Bio:

We are two thirty-something females, living in Cornwall, England.
We both have full time jobs and manage to squeeze writing in around very busy lives.

Last year we joked about writing a book, and in December we actually started writing! On 12th March 2014 we pressed the ‘publish’ button and didn’t breathe for a whole several minutes!

We have now written four books, ‘Rocking Esme’, ‘Rocking Scarlett’, ‘Rocking Marcy’ and ‘Rocking Ashton’ and we also have a million other book ideas which we are dying to write!
When we first started writing, we didn’t tell anyone- not even our other halves! We decided to tell them about a month before publishing, then about a week before publishing we told our friends and family.

We both love reading, and since buying Kindles, reading has become much more of an obsession and we have both discovered authors we had never heard of. Some favourites are… Jennifer Foor, Aurora Rose Reynolds, Kirsty Moseley, Kelly Elliot, Terri Anne Browning, Diane Chamberlain… the list is endless!

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