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Sunday, 23 November 2014

BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Bound by M.J. Stevens

‘No good deed ever goes unpunished, Mellea…’

(BOUND, The Guardians #1)

Mellea Wendorn hasn’t exactly had a normal life. Misfortune seems to follow her, and her family, wherever she goes. 

However, when Mellea stops to assist a mysterious young man suddenly her prior hardships seem trivial. His name is Leo. He is a Successor, a child of the Guardians of Selestia. He is royalty. He is handsome. And he wants Mellea completely to himself. Unable to escape the Guardian's laws, Mellea must learn the ways of the royals. She is convinced her life can’t get much worse. But when a timeworn Guardian enemy arises from the shadows, Mellea must make a choice that will change her destiny forever.

4 out of 5 (really liked it)

I received this book from Hot Tree Promotions in return for a fair and honest review.

As a lover of Fantasy, I love it when I get something to read that is a bit 'different'. From the very start, you are taken along with Mellea as she struggles to find her place in the world, which is not helped by the strange proclamations and announcements that her father keeps making.

By doing a good deed, she finds herself locked in a tower with a bracelet locked onto her wrist which tells the world that she is the chosen bride of Successor Leo. Or at least it would tell the world if she was allowed out at all.

The story moves along at a fast but steady pace. There are twists and turns to the story and you will learn who and what is going on at the same time as Mellea. The attitude of Mellea is wonderfully written and she is not prepared to accept her 'fate' but also is not too proud to ask for help or to apologise for making mistakes.

One of the things that really stood out to me was that there was no insta-love! None at all and it was fantastic because of that. Instead, we get a "let's take it slowly and we'll see where it goes. I like you" which was so refreshing to read.

I would definitely recommend this book to all lovers of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Young Adult novels and I can't wait to read the next one and see the story continue.

Other series details

Divided, The Guardians #2, is now out! The first book leaves you wanting more, so you have to get it!

The MECH power has been reawakened. They have driven the Guardians from their home, taken their powers and Selestia has been plunged into darkness. Trapped on an uncharted island, Mellea watches her home being torn apart by the MECH's leader, Doctor. An unlikely ally creates a serum to restore the Guardians to power. Mellea must fight the clock to find them. But what good is a key without a lock?

M.J. Stevens is a true storyteller.

For a long time, words were never her best friend. However, she has always had a creative spirit and writing became the lead way that she

could share her ideas with the world. Today, it is her number one passion in life. 

"Writing is a craft. I'll never know everything, but you can be sure I'll try."

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing and taking the time to review 'Bound' for MJ Stevens. <3
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