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Friday, 3 October 2014

BOOK BLITZ & GIVEAWAY - Black Atonement by Sasha Hibbs

Black Atonement

Release Date: 09/26/14
Evernight Teen

Summary from Goodreads:
The burden of Dave’s girlfriend’s death pushes Brandi, the Seraph of Love, to abduct David Howels hoping she can protect Dave from his murderous father, Ragnar, and also atone for all her sins. Leaving a trail of broken hearts, will Brandi be able to show Dave that all in life is not lost in death? Twists and turns abound as Brandi discovers her own shocking revelation: That Dave has been her soul mate all along.

Separating Dave and herself from their allies on the threshold of the apocalypse, Brandi turns to an old friend for help-a witch-to aid her in her quest to prepare Dave to face his worst fears and her own. Filled with curses, secrets that threaten to destroy everything, Brandi must find forgiveness from within before she can find love with a boy she’s forced to hate her. In the past, healing a broken heart would’ve been easy, but now faced with the task of healing Dave’s broken heart while not exposing her own, Brandi learns why love is truly the greatest gift of all.

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About the Author

By age 5, Sasha Hibbs' favorite movie was Gone With the Wind. By age 12, she completed her 7th grade book report on the sequel, Scarlett. By 18, she met and married her very own Mr. Rhett Butler and as it turns out, she never had to worry about going back to Tara to win the love of her life back. Fortunately, he stuck with her.  

With a love of all things paranormal, the ambiance of the South with its gigantic antebellum mansions and canopies of Spanish moss, and a love for her husband’s rich storytelling of blacksmiths and the mythology surrounding their origins, it wasn’t long until the world of her debut novel, Black Amaranth, was born.

When not working her day job as a nurse, you can find Sasha dreaming of her next beach trip, reading the latest YA novel, and drinking more white chocolate mocha than she should.  

Sasha lives in mountainous West Virginia with her husband, Tim, and their two daughters, Aeliza and Ava. She is currently hard at work on her next novel in The Vulcan Legacies series.

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“Don’t be sorry, not for me at least. Pity is something for the weak, and I’m not weak. Soon, you’ll be the same and it’s better that way. It gets you through, helps you to live in your own skin. And so, I robbed Ally of her mother and father. The only thing left for me to do was try and protect her, watch over her, try to help her avoid her fate.” Brandi reached over and turned off the lights. She didn’t want Dave to see the tears welling up in her eyes.
In the dark, Brandi could hear Dave settle himself under his covers. She imagined him looking up at the ceiling like she did, like it would somehow give them the answers they both sought.
“But why were you so mean to Ally, to all of us?” Dave asked.
“It was better that way. How could I ever be friends with Ally when I killed her parents?”
Before drifting off into a tormented sleep, Brandi thought about what it would have been like to share her life with Dave, her soul mate. She thought about how funny he was, how pure his heart was, and how he was now forever altered. These wishful thoughts were soon replaced with reality: Dave would be devastated when Brandi was forced to betray him. 

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