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Thursday, 14 August 2014

BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY - Restraint (The Revelation Series, #2) by Randi Cooley Wilson

Randi Cooley Wilson is back with a dark paranormal NA that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Restraint is an addictive pleasure and spellbinding continuation of Eve's journey of self-discovery, love and sacrifice. Readers captivated by Revelation will eagerly devour Restraint.

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One revelation changed everything, turning Eve Collin's world upside down. Now, she's left to struggle with her identity and allegiance. Haunted by grief and tempted by her increasing attraction to her protector, will she ever truly be safe from enemies that refuse to give up?


Also in the Revelation series: REVELATION by Randi Cooley Wilson!

The Inspiration For The Revelation Series by Randi Cooley Wilson.

The Revelation Series was inspired by my love of John Milton’s epic 17th century poem Paradise Lost. In college, I was a bit obsessed with the piece of literature and did several theses on it. As a matter of fact, in each of the books within the series, there is a quote, by the English poet, from Paradise Lost, that inspired that particular novel’s plotline.

If you’re unfamiliar with the poem, it’s written with two narrative arcs, one that follows Satan and the other that follows Adam and Eve. I’ve always been drawn to the arc that followed Adam and Eve because of Milton’s take on their relationship. He wrote it full of temptation and passion, while portraying Adam as a hero, and Eve as forbidden. Even with those distinctions, the poem depicts love in its rawest form, two people bound together, pulled apart by desire and sacrifice.

I started to think about what it would be like to be Eve in this situation. What sacrifices would I have to make? Am I in love, or just bound by desire for someone? What would it be like to have someone be completely infatuated with me, while being true to themselves and their oaths and beliefs? Like Milton’s Eve, what would it be like to be far from the traditional damsel in distress, but strong, intelligent and curious? A heroine, who longs for knowledge, is beautiful but suffocated by Adam’s continued presence, instead of submitting to it. From there, the worlds, characters and storyline for The Revelation Series just began to unfold.

Once the storyline was unfurled, I then began to incorporate my love for architecture and design into the story. After plotting, I knew I wanted to touch on Heaven, Hell, Demons and Angels, as Milton did with his second narrative, the Angelic War over Heaven, however, I really wanted to tell the story in a new way. With new worlds, new demons and entire new supernatural protector breed.

In my research, I kept going back to the lore of gargoyles and how they are protectors. After a while, it just seemed seamless that they would be the supernatural creatures to vessel the story. Once they were in place, everything else just came to be. I started scribbling characters and back-stories, plotlines and dialogue. What started out as a creative outlet to relieve stress turned into a slight obsession and the series and characters began to shape and take life and this series was born.

 About Randi Cooley Wilson:

Randi was born and raised in Massachusetts where she attended Bridgewater State University and graduated with a degree in Communication Studies. After graduation she moved to California where she lived happily bathed in sunshine and warm weather for fifteen years.

She and her husband recently moved back to Massachusetts with their daughter where she was encouraged to begin writing again.

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